Club 10 Round 4

40 riders took part in last night’s time trial. Congratulations to Charles Walker who came out on top.

1Charles WalkerSpirit Tifosi RT00:21:55100
2Matt ClarkeHalesowen A&CC00:22:2998
3Phil GlazeStourbridge CC00:22:4096
4Anthony NeaveStourbridge CC00:23:1094
5Ewan Partridge-00:23:3692
6Josh WilliamsClee Cycles00:24:1090
7Nick BlackhamTBC00:24:3488
8Scott PalmerStourbridge CC00:24:3586
9Stuart JonesBCRC00:24:4984
10Simon JonesFred's00:24:5382
11Andy CollinsMid-Shropshire Wheelers00:25:1280
12Kevin PlantStourbridge CC00:25:1578
13Jon PerryStourbridge CC00:25:2076
14Simon HaycockStourbridge CC00:25:2274
15Ian RichardsStourbridge CC00:25:2972
16Kevin HaywardStourbridge CC00:25:3470
17Matt MoodyStourbridge CC00:25:4968
18Chris HarrisStourbridge CC00:26:1666
19Ian JonesStourbridge CC00:26:2264
20Giles Vanden BrandenTBC00:26:3162
21Jim GallowayStourbridge CC00:26:4360
22Gary SmithStourbridge Velo00:27:0258
23Roy PearsonStourbridge CC00:27:3356
24Andy EvansTBC00:27:3454
25Gary ChamberlainStourbridge CC00:27:3652
26Andrew AshwinStourbridge CC00:27:3950
27Richard ClarkTBC00:27:5948
28James ParkerStourbridge CC00:28:0446
29James AdamsTBC00:28:3944
30Matt JonesStourbridge CC00:28:4042
31Helen PlantStourbridge CC00:28:5040
32Mark PratchettStourbridge CC00:29:0338
33Alex HartTBC00:29:1636
34Mac McColganStourbridge CC00:29:3234
35Ian CadwalladerStourbridge CC00:29:4032
36Jo AchaStourbridge CC00:30:5830
37Toby TurnerTBC00:31:0528
38Julie BlackStourbridge CC00:31:2626
39Finley WildeTBC00:36:0124
40Steve CraneAllez En VeloDNF0
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Club 10 Round 3 Results

23 riders decided to risk the weather and took part in round 3 of the club’s individual time trial. Well done to Ewan Partridge on his win.

As usual, many thanks to the marshalls, time keepers, starters and cake makers who once again made this a great evening.

1Ewan Partridge-00:23:19100
2Josh WilliamsClee Cycles00:24:2098
3Stuart JonesBCRC00:24:3796
4Rob KennardStourbridge Velo00:24:3894
5Steve LynnWMP00:24:4392
6Simon JonesFred's00:25:0990
7Kevin PlantStourbridge CC00:25:2488
8Tom PattisonHalesowen A&CC00:25:2686
9Jon PerryStourbridge CC00:25:3384
10Chris HarrisStourbridge CC00:25:5982
11Chris BreezeBCRC00:26:0680
12Chris PedleyBlack Country Triathletes00:26:2678
13Jim GallowayStourbridge CC00:27:0176
14James ParkerStourbridge CC00:27:0374
15Andrew AshwinStourbridge CC00:27:0772
16Darren CadwalladerStourbridge CC00:27:2170
17Matthew CartwrightStourbridge CC00:27:4368
18Neil RustonStourbridge CC00:27:5866
19Lee WhitehouseStourbridge CC00:28:2364
20Helen PlantStourbridge CC00:28:5262
21Ian CadwalladerStourbridge CC00:29:0660
22Mac McColganStourbridge CC00:29:3158
23Les WilliamsStourbridge CC00:31:0356
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